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Registering for High School Hockey

posted Oct 27, 2016, 10:45 AM by Apple Valley Hockey
It's time to register for hockey!  

Every athlete in grades 9-12 who plans on trying out for the boys high school hockey team must be registered to play hockey!  Yes, 9th graders, I am talking to you too!  If you plan on participating in high school tryouts (which is recommended by the high school coaches), you must be registered to play hockey.  If you are not registered, no matter how much they want to or how much you beg them, the coaches are not allowed to let you on the ice.  

Winter sports registration is open and that is where you will find the hockey registration.   Log on to your school view/fee pay account and go to the activities tab.  Select your student who will be playing hockey and there will be a list of activities that they can register for.  You must select boys hockey and add the payment to your cart.  

I went to register my own boys this morning and was not able to complete the registration.  Why you ask?  Because, they do not have current physicals on file (epic parental fail).  That my friends, is why I am sending you this email today.  

If your athlete's physical is not current, you are not allowed to register until that physical form is turned into the athletic department at the high school.  At this point, some of you are grabbing your phones and frantically dialing your pediatricians office to get that appointment......your welcome.  Once that form is completed by the doctor, run to the high school as fast as you can screaming and waiving it above your head.  The helpful staff in the office at the high school athletic department will laugh at you, politely take your form and then flip the magic switch. (POOF!) Just like that, you can now complete your son's registration for boys high school hockey.  Once your son's registration is complete, he is added to Coach Sikich's list and your son will be welcomed onto the ice for tryouts.  As a reminder, tryouts begin November 14th.  You have a little less than three weeks to complete the registration process.  

Parents of ninth graders;  If your son does not make the high school team, the entire registration fee will be refunded to you.  Repeat:  If your son does not make the high school team, the entire registration fee is refunded to you.  The Bantam coaches are very aware that all ninth grade athletes try out for the high school team and may be missing some practices. 

The process can be a little daunting the first time through (or if you are like me and forget to get your children physicals) so take a deep breath and let me know if you have questions.  Thanks everyone.  

DeAnn Prouty