Volunteering, Fees & Fundraisers


Changes for 2016–17 Season Highlights:
  • Booster fees may need to be increased to cover the decline in fundraising and increase in expenses. This has been a trend over the past several years. We are working on a new fundraiser (Rascals Social) and will set final booster club fees in October.
  • Program ad sale minimum increase from $75 to $150
  • Reduced Face-off Dinner expenses (pizza for players/coaches vs. catered meal)
  • Removed several items from budget to cut expenses (scrapbook, game photos, and alumni night)

Per player Annual Expenses covered by Booster Club is roughly $1,300.

Items Covered:
  • Jackets, Warm-ups, Hats, etc.
  • Gloves, Helmets, Jerseys, Covers, Socks
  • Coaches Salaries
  • Duluth Tournament (hotel, bus, food, fees)
  • Thanksgiving Tournament (fees) 
  • Summer Picnic, Face-off Dinner, Banquet (players)

Booster Club Dues:

  • Range: $650–$850 (depending on proceeds from fundraisers


  • Picnic: 
    • $2oo check for Rascals Social tickets (not cashed until sale deadline)
    • $160 Captain's Practice (not part of booster club, check to "Patrick Jamison"
  • Face-off Dinner:
    • $325–$425, first half of Booster fees
    • $150 Poinsettia Sale buyout (optional)
    • $150 Program ad buyout (optional)
  • January 15, 2017:
    • $325–$425, second half of Booster fees

Required Family Fundraisers

  1. Rascals Social Sale: $200 minimum (asked to sell ten $20 tickets)
  2. Poinsetta Sale: $150 buyout
  3. Program Ad Sale: $150 minimum, $150 buyout

Volunteer Expectations & Sign-up Instructions 

See the list of opportunities below, & follow the links to sign up:

Fundraising, Dinners, and Events: 

  • We would like each family to take lead on one activity.
  • We would like each family to help out on one or two activities. 

Carb Dinners:

  • We need 6 families to host a carb dinner (carb dinners may be hosted at community center or school) 
  • We would like each family help with one carb dinner 


  • Each family is required to help with on game

Cub Food Bagging:

  • Each player is required to work at least one shift (you will sign up later for this event... watch email for a Signup Genius Invite & Details)